Dad Turns His 6-Year-Old Son’s Drawings Into Reality

Dom is six and he likes to draw. He even has his own Instagram account where he puts all his favorite pictures. But that’s not the end of the story, because once he’s finished with his mini masterpieces, his dad then recreates their real world counterparts with a dose of digital magic and a little bit of humor. ...

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12 Amazing Animal Hybrids! You Wont Believe Really Exist.

There are such a large number of one of a kind creature animal varieties in our reality, a number of which have not been found yet. People from various yet hereditarily firmly related species do once in a while mate and deliver offsprings, and the outcome is a cross breed: a particular animal that shares hereditary qualities of both guardian species, and is commonly more grounded or bigger than the firsts. ...

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I-Road: Toyota debuts rear-steering, all-electric 3-wheeler

With the global population booming and more American millennials flocking to crowded cities, Toyota hopes it has found a vehicle for the future. [mfb_video url="" size="500" mbottom="50"] The company's i-Road is an all-electric, three-wheeled, rear-steering "personal mobility vehicle" that Toyota was showing off at the Aspen Ideas Festival, which co ...

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